ASTM 34C-66F Uncalibrated

ASTM Uncalibrated Thermometers
ASTM IP Cat No Application Range Div Length Immersion
34C 21C 10034C Aniline Point 25 to 105C 0.2 420mm 50mm
34F 10034F Aniline Point 77 to 221F 0.5 420mm 50mm
35C 59C 10035C Aniline Point 90 to 170C 0.2 420mm 50mm
35F 10035F Aniline Point 194 to 338F 0.5 420mm 50mm
36C 10036C Titer Test -2 to 68C 0.2 405mm 45mm
37C 77C 10037C Solvents Distillation -2 to 52C 0.2 395mm 100mm
38C 78C 10038C Solvents Distillation 24 to 78C 0.2 395mm 100mm
39C 79C 10039C Solvents Distillation 48 to 102C 0.2 395mm 100mm
40C 80C 10040C Solvents Distillation 72 to 126C 0.2 395mm 100mm
41C 81C 10041C Solvents Distillation 98 to 152C 0.2 395mm 100mm
42C 82C 10042C Solvents Distillation 95 to 255C 0.5 395mm 100mm
43C 65C 10043C Kinematic Viscosity -51.6 to -34C 0.1 417mm total
43F 65F 10043F Kinematic Viscosity -61 to -29F 0.2 417mm total
44C 29C 10044C Kin Vis @ 20C 18.5 to 21.5C 0.05 305mm total
44F 29F 10044F Kin Vis @ 68F 66.5 to 71.5F 0.1 305mm total
45C 30C 10045C Kin Vis @ 25C 23.6 to 26.4C 0.05 305mm total
45F 30F 10045F Kin Vis @ 77F 74.5 to 79.5F 0.1 305mm total
46C 66C 10046C Kin Vis @ 50C 48.6 to 51.4C 0.05 305mm total
46F 66F 10046F Kin Vis @ 122F 119.5 to 124.5F 0.1 305mm total
47C 35C 10047C Kin Vis @ 60C 58.6 to 61.4C 0.05 305mm total
47F 35F 10047F Kin Vis @ 140F 137.5 to 142.5F 0.1 305mm total
48C 90C 10048C Kin Vis @ 82.2C 80.6 to 83.4C 0.05 305mm total
48F 90F 10048F Kin Vis @ 180F 177.5 to 182.5F 0.1 305mm total
49C 10049C Stormer Viscosity 20 to 70C 0.2 305mm 65mm
50F 10050F Gas Calorimeter inlet 54 to 101F 0.1 468mm total
51F 10051F Gas Calorimeter outlet 69 to 116F 0.1 468mm total
52C 10052C Butad. Boiling point -10 to 5C 0.1 162mm total
53C 10053C Benzene Freezing Pt -0.6 to 10.4C 0.1 189mm total
54C 18C 10054C Congealing Point 20 to 100.6C 0.2 310mm total
54F 18F 10054F Congealing Point 68 to 213F 0.5 310mm total
56C 10056C Bomb Calorimeter 19 to 35C 0.02 585mm total
56F 10056F Bomb Calorimeter 66 to 95F 0.05 585mm total
57C 10057C Flash Tag Closed Low -20 to 50C 0.5 290mm 57mm
57F 10057F Flash Tag Closed Low -4 to 122F 1 290mm 57mm
58C 10058C Tank, Refill, Low -34 to 49C 0.5 300mm total
58C 10058CWB ASTM 58C with woodback cupcase
58F 10058F Tank, Refill, Low -30 to 120F 1 300mm total
58F 10058FWB ASTM 58F with woodback cupcase
59C 10059C Tank, Refill, Medium -18 to 82C 0.5 300mm total
59C 10059CWB ASTM 59C with woodback cupcase
59F 10059F Tank, Refill, Medium 0 to 180F 1 300mm total
59F 10059FWB ASTM 59F with woodback cupcase
60C 10060C Tank, Refill, High 77 to 260C 1 300mm total
60F 10060F Tank, Refill, High 170 to 500F 2 300mm total
61C 63C 10061C Petrolatum Melt Pt 32 to 127C 0.2 380mm 79mm
61F 10061F Petrolatum Melt Pt 90 to 260F 0.5 380mm 79mm
62C 10062C Reference Standard -38 to 2C 0.1 379mm total
62F 10062F Reference Standard -36 to 35F 0.2 379mm total
63C 10063C Reference Standard -8 to 32C 0.1 379mm total
63F 10063F Reference Standard 18 to 89F 0.2 379mm total
64C 10064C Reference Standard 25 to 55C 0.1 379mm total
64F 10064F Reference Standard 77 to 131F 0.2 379mm total
65C 10065C Reference Standard 50 to 80C 0.1 379mm total
65F 10065F Reference Standard 122 to 176F 0.2 379mm total
66C 10066C Reference Standard 75 to 105C 0.1 379mm total
66F 10066F Reference Standard 167 to 221F 0.2 379mm total