ASTM 1C-33F Uncalibrated

ASTM Uncalibrated Thermometers
ASTM IP Cat No Application Range Div Length Immersion
1C 10001C Partial Immersion -20 to 150C 1 322mm 76mm
1F 10001F Partial Immersion 0 to 302F 2 322mm 76mm
2C 62C 10002C Partial Immersion -5 to 300C 1 390mm 76mm
2F 62F 10002F Partial Immersion 20 to 580F 2 390mm 76mm
3C 73C 10003C Partial Immersion -5 to 400C 1 415mm 76mm
3F 73F 10003F Partial Immersion 20 to 760F 2 415mm 76mm
4C 10004C Acid Heat -1 to 105C 0.5 375mm 152mm
4F 10004F Acid Heat 30 to 220F 1 375mm 152mm
5C 1C 10005C Cloud & Pour, High -38 to 50C 1 230mm 108mm
5F 1F 10005F Cloud & Pour, High -36 to 120F 2 230mm 108mm
6C 2C 10006C Cloud & Pour, Low -80 to 20C 1 230mm 76mm
6F 2F 10006F Cloud & Pour, Low -112 to 70F 2 230mm 76mm
7C 5C 10007C Distillation, Low -2 to 300C 1 385mm total
7F 10007F Distillation, Low 30 to 580F 2 385mm total
8C 6C 10008C Distillation, High -2 to 400C 1 385mm total
8F 10008F Distillation, High 30 to 760F 2 385mm total
9C 15C 10009C Pensky-Martens, Low -5 to 110C 0.5 290mm 57mm
9F 15F 10009F Pensky-Martens, Low 20 to 230F 1 290mm 57mm
10C 16C 10010C Pensky-Martens, High 90 to 370C 2 290mm 57mm
10F 16F 10010F Pensky-Martens, High 200 to 700F 5 290mm 57mm
11C 28C 10011C Open Flash -6 to 400C 2 310mm 25mm
11F 28F 10011F Open Flash 20 to 760F 5 310mm 25mm
12C 64C 10012C Gravity (Density) -20 to 102C 0.2 420mm total
12F 64F 10012F Gravity (Density) -5 to 215F 0.5 420mm total
13C 47C 10013C Loss on Heat 155 to 170C 0.5 155mm total
14C 17C 10014C Paraffin Wax Melt Point 38 to 82C 0.1 375mm 79mm
14F 17F 10014F Paraffin Wax Melt Point 100 to 180F 0.2 375mm 79mm
15C 60C 10015C Softening Point, Low -2 to 80C 0.2 397mm total
15F 10015F Softening Point, Low 30 to 180F 0.5 397mm total
16C 61C 10016C Softening Point, High 30 to 200C 0.5 397mm total
16F 10016F Softening Point, High 85 to 392F 1 397mm total
17C 10017C Viscosity Saybolt 19 to 27C 0.1 275mm total
17F 10017F Viscosity Saybolt 66 to 80F 0.2 275mm total
18C 23C 10018C Say Vis & Reid Vapor 34 to 42C 0.1 275mm total
18F 23F 10018F Say Vis & Reid Vapor 94 to 108F 0.2 275mm total
19C 10019C Viscosity Saybolt 49 to 57C 0.1 275mm total
19F 10019F Viscosity Saybolt 120 to 134F 0.2 275mm total
20C 10020C Viscosity Saybolt 57 to 65C 0.1 275mm total
20F 10020F Viscosity Saybolt 134 to 148F 0.2 275mm total
21C 10021C Viscosity Saybolt 79 to 87C 0.1 275mm total
21F 10021F Viscosity Saybolt 174 to 188F 0.2 275mm total
22C 24C 10022C Say Vis & Oxy Stab. 95 to 103C 0.1 275mm total
22F 24F 10022F Say Vis & Oxy Stab. 204 to 218F 0.2 275mm total
23C 10023C Viscosity Engler 18 to 28C 0.2 212mm 90mm
24C 10024C Viscosity Engler 39 to 54C 0.2 237mm 90mm
25C 10025C Viscosity Engler 95 to 105C 0.2 212mm 90mm
26C 10026C Stab Test Sol Nit Cell 130 to 140C 0.1 463mm total
27C 10027C Turpentine Dist. 147 to 182C 0.5 301mm 76mm
28C 31C 10028C Kin Vis @ 37.8C 36.6 to 39.4C 0.05 305mm total
28F 10028F Kin Vis @ 100F 97.5 to 102.5F 0.1 305mm total
29C 34C 10029C Kin Vis @ 54.4C 52.6 to 55.4C 0.05 305mm total
29F 10029F Kin Vis @ 130F 127.5 to 132.5F 0.1 305mm total
30F 32F 10030F Kin Vis @ 210F 207.5 to 212.5F 0.1 305mm total
31F 10031F Reid Vapor -30 to 120F 1 305mm total
33C 20C 10033C Aniline Point -38 to 42C 0.2 420mm 50mm
33F 10033F Aniline Point -36.5 to 107.5F 0.5 420mm 50mm