ASTM 100C-132C Uncalibrated

ASTM Uncalibrated Thermometers
ASTM IP Cat No Application Range Div Length Immersion
100C 10100C Solidification Point 145 to 205C 0.2 370mm 76mm
101C 10101C Solidification Point 195 to 305C 0.5 370mm 76mm
102C 83C 10102C Solvents Distillation 123 to 177C 0.2 395mm 100mm
103C 84C 10103C Solvents Distillation 148 to 202C 0.2 395mm 100mm
104C 85C 10104C Solvents Distillation 173 to 0227-001C 0.2 395mm 100mm
105C 86C 10105C Solvents Distillation 198 to 252C 0.2 395mm 100mm
106C 87C 10106C Solvents Distillation 223 to 277C 0.2 395mm 100mm
107C 88C 10107C Solvents Distillation 248 to 302C 0.2 395mm 100mm
108F 10108F Viscosity Saybolt 270 to 290F 0.5 275mm total
109F 10109F Viscosity Saybolt 320 to 340F 0.5 275mm total
110C 93C 10110C Kin Vis @ 135C 133.6 to 136.4C 0.05 305mm total
110F 10110F Kin Vis @ 275F 272.5 to 277.5F 0.1 305mm total
111C 10111C Tar Acid Distillation 170 to 250C 0.2 395mm 100mm
112C 10112C Solidification Benzene 4 to 6C 0.02 215mm total
113C 89C 10113C Bit. Mat. Softening. Pt. -1 to 175C 0.5 406mm total
113F 89F 10113F Bit. Mat. Softening. Pt. 30 to 350F 1 406mm total
114C 14C 10114C Aviation Fuel Frz. Pt. -80 to 20C 0.5 300mm total
114F 10114F Aviation Fuel Frz. Pt. -112 to 70F 1 300mm total
115C 10115C Beckman Differential 0 to 6C 0.01 3242-001mm stem
116C 10116C Bomb Calorimeter 18.9 to 25.1C 0.01 609mm total
117C 10117C Bomb Calorimeter 23.9 to 30.1C 0.01 609mm total
118C 10118C Kin Vis @ 30C 28.6 to 31.4C 0.05 305mm total
118F 10118F Kin Vis @ 86F 83.5 to 88.5F 0.1 305mm total
119C 10119C Coolant Frz. Pt. -38.3 to -30C 0.05 305mm total
119F 10119F Coolant Frz. Pt. -37 to -22F 0.1 305mm total
120C 93C 10120C Kin Vis @ 40C 38.6 to 41.4C 0.05 305mm total
121C 32C 10121C Kin Vis @ 100C 98.6 to 101.4C 0.05 305mm total
122C 94C 10122C Brookfield Viscosity -45 to -35C 0.1 300mm total
123C 95C 10123C Brookfield Viscosity -35 to -25C 0.1 300mm total
124C 96C 10124C Brookfield Viscosity -25 to -15C 0.1 300mm total
125C 97C 10125C Brookfield Viscosity -15 to -5C 0.1 300mm total
126C 71C 10126C Kin Vis @ -26.1C -27.4 to -24.6C 0.05 305mm total
126F 71F 10126F Kin Vis @ -15F -17.5 to -12.5F 0.1 305mm total
127C 99C 10127C Kin Vis @ -20C -21.4 to -18.6C 0.05 305mm total
128C 33C 10128C Kin Vis @ 0C -1.4 to +1.4C 0.05 305mm total
128F 33F 10128F Kin Vis @ 32F 29.5 to 34.5F 0.1 305mm total
129C 36C 10129C Kin Vis @ 93.3C 91.6 to 94.4C 0.05 305mm total
129F 36F 10129F Kin Vis @ 200F 197.5 to 202.5F 0.1 305mm total
130C 10130C Tank Gauging, Refill -7 to 110C 0.5 305mm total
130F 10130F Tank Gauging, Refill 20 to 220F 1 305mm total
132C 102C 10132C Kin Vis @ 150C 148.6 to 151.4 0.05 305mm total