450L Three Layer Programmable Vacuum Drying Oven with Three Separate Controller

Model Number : TMAX-SBVO-03AP
Compliance : CE Certified
Warranty : One years limited warranty with lifetime technical support
Payment : L/C D/A D/P T/T Western Union
Delivery Time : 30 day

This product is suitable for the vacuum baking process of various materials. It adopts industry-leading uniform temperature technology with temperature fluctuation of +2℃, vacuum chamber-0.098 Mpa can be maintained for more than 24 hours, and multiple quality and safety protection are ideal equipment to ensure drying effect.


Function Features

1.AISET three-position PID temperature controller is selected for temperature control, which has high temperature control resolution.
2.Temperature probe is made of Taiwan Hualing and placed in the back of the vacuum chamber to reflect the working temperature quickly and truly.
3.Triple over-temperature protection device automatically disconnects heating when exceeding the set temperature to ensure the safety of materials and equipment.
4.Equipped with timed shutdown function, timed after constant temperature, automatic shutdown at the end of baking time, each layer can be independently timed.
5.Air blowers of all layers can be opened independently, and can be used as cooling blowers when stopping heating.
6.Select high-quality SUS stainless steel seamless electric heat pipe, which can raise temperature rapidly and save energy and durable.


Structural Characteristics

1.The vacuum chamber is heated by surrounding hot air, and the design of circulating duct is innovated to ensure high precision and uniform temperature in the chamber.
2.The material of inner chamber is T3.9mm high quality SUS stainless steel, which can resist corrosion of battery slurry and electrolyte.
3.Multilayer insulation material constitutes a sealed insulation layer to prevent heat loss and effectively solve the problem of temperature crossing in adjacent warehouse and heat generation on the outer wall.
4.The door is a double-layer tempered glass structure with over-pressure protection function. When the air pressure in the chamber is too high, it can automatically deflate, so that the air pressure in the chamber can be restored to the allowable range.
5.The vacuum chamber and the door are equipped with silica gel sealing rings. The inside of the chamber – 0.098Mpa state can be maintained for more than 24 hours.

Main Specifications