Pouch Cell Hot/Cold Press Machine for Battery Core Formation

Model Number : TMAX-RYJ200
Compliance : CE Certified
Warranty : 2 Year Limited Warranty With Lifetime Support
Payment : L/C D/A D/P T/T Western Union
Delivery Time : Instock

This equipment is mainly suitable for hot pressing after winding or stacking of battery core, which is convenient to enter the shell. The wound core is placed on the template, and the core is shaped by pressing and heating, so that the thickness of the cell is consistent, the elasticity of the cell is reduced, the short-circuit rate of the core is reduced and the consistency of the thickness of the finished cell is ensured.

Working principle
The equipment uses temperature controller and thermocouple to control the heat transfer and pressure supply template of heating pipe to reach the set temperature, and then under the action of the cylinder, the upper and lower templates are pressed on the battery core, and the heat of the heating template is transferred to the battery core, so that the battery core can be stably formed under the action of certain temperature and pressure.

Main features
• the temperature of the worktable can be adjusted through the button on the temperature controller panel, and the current value and setting value of the set temperature can be displayed on the LCD screen, which is intuitive and clear, with high temperature control accuracy and easy operation;
• The pressure of upper and lower worktable can be adjusted by pressure regulating valve to meet the requirements of different process parameters;
• The machine adopts single station structure, with high parallelism of upper and lower worktable panels, and stable and reliable structure;
• The working table is made of high quality materials, which has good heat transfer effect, saves power consumption and improves work efficiency;
• Light curtain protection device is adopted to ensure safe use;
• This machine has the function of abnormal temperature alarm;
• Hot pressing time, temperature and pressure can be adjusted;
• The machine adopts automatic and semi-automatic control, which is easy to operate;
• Small size, can save space;
• The appearance is exquisite, and the sheet metal adopts solid geometry design, which is simple and beautiful;
• It can be operated automatically by electrical control, and can be operated manually during debugging;

Technical Parameter