OilLab 570 Automatic Oxidation Stability RBOT and TFOUT bath


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ASTM D2112 – ASTM D2272 – ASTM D4742
IP 229

ASTM D2112 – Oxidation Stability of Inhibited Mineral Insulating Oil by Pressure Vessel

This test method is intended as a rapid method for the evaluation of the oxidation stability of new mineral insulating oils containing a synthetic oxidation inhibitor. This test is considered of value in checking the oxidation stability of new mineral insulating oils containing 2,6-ditertiary-butyl para-cresol or 2,6-ditertiary-butyl phenol, or both, in order to control the continuity of this property from shipment to shipment. The applicability of this procedure for use with inhibited insulating oils of more than 12 cSt at 40°C (approximately 65 SUS at 100°F) has not been established.

ASTM D2272 – Oxidation Stability of Steam Turbine Oils by Rotating Pressure Vessel (RBOT)

This test method utilizes an oxygen-pressured vessel to evaluate the oxidation stability of new and in-service Turbine oils having the same composition (base stock and additives) in the presence of water and a copper catalyst coil at 150°C.

ASTM D4742 – Oxidation Stability of Gasoline Automotive Engine Oils by Thin-film Oxygen Uptake (TFOUT)

This test method evaluates the oxidation stability of engine oils for gasoline automotive engines. This test, run at 160°C, utilizes a high pressure reactor pressurized with oxygen along with a metal catalyst package, a fuel catalyst, and water in a partial simulation of the conditions to which an oil may be subjected in a gasoline combustion engine. This test method can be used for engine oils with viscosity in the range from 4 mm2/s (cSt) to 21 mm2/s (cSt) at 100°C, including re-refined oils.

IP 229 – Relative Oxidation Stability by Rotating Bomb of Mineral Turbine Oil (RBOT)

This method covers a rapid means for estimating the oxidation stability of new turbine oils having the same composition.

OilLab 570

New, compact and lighter 4 independent position automatic oxidation bath , born for satisfy all costumer that needs an instrument reliable and solidly built. His compact dimensions 70 x 85 x 60 cm and relative light weight only 60 Kg (without oil) can assure an easy handling and find space above each table. The insulation of the bath is made using non-toxic and non-volatile materials for granting the respect of environment.

Automatic Monitoring system


Automatic Monitoring system included TFT 12″ panel pc and 4 pressure sensor with elevate precision combined with an electronic board dedicated for reach the incredible performance that this instrument can perform. With a resolution of 1024×768 and 16M colours for granting the maximum visibility of all parameters, equipped with 2 USB port. New generation end-user friendly software developed by our software technical engineers with a step-by-step procedure for perform analysis.

Internal database can be contain over than 60’000 analysis that can be printed out or exported with an Usb key that accompanied the main instrument. Able to manage independently the 4 test cylinders, the software can be switch temperature from °C in °F, calibration of the bath up to 100 points for grant the maximum precision.

Methods supported:

  • ASTM D2272
  • ASTM D4742
  • ASTM D2112
  • and fully customized procedure.

Other features:

  • Display pressure in bar/psi/Kpa
  • Real time graph creation
  • Export file in .xls / .jpg and .pdf format


Internal tank and mechanical parts

The mechanical parts designed and made in Switzerland assure a perfect matching, only the best raw materials are used for assure quality and durability. The internal tank with a capacity of approximately 60 Liter of oil mixed with 2 indipendent heather element assure a perfect stability of temperature during the analysis. PT100 class A probe are used for control the temperature and prevent overheating. New accessories complete this instrument like the new slide for easly accommodate the vessel into the bath and simplify the matching with the motor coupling. New Drip for vessel for not waste oil outside the bath.



Accessories made in strict accordance with the latest ASTM normative for grant the honesty of results. The below symbol assure to all people that their money are spent in good product.


CE marked