OilLab 560 – Evaporation Bath


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DIN 51784
IP 131

CE marked


Gum Content in Fuels by Jet Evaporation. This test method covers the determination of the existent gum content of aviation fuels, and the gum content of motor gasolines or other volatile distillates in their finished form (including those containing alcohol and ether type oxygenates and deposit control additives) at the time of test.

OilLab 560
Automatic Evaporation Bath
Air and Steam Jet ASTM D381

  • new concept for the D381/IP131/DIN51784 analyser with safe space bench top design
  • up to 8 test place positions in a small compact cabinet painted with resistant epoxy powders
  • dimensions: 42 x 42 x h 45 cm
  • weight: 32 kg
  • able to work with air and steam

Main features:

  • 2 dedicated input lines , 1 for air and 1 for steam protected externally by manual valve and internally by 2 independent electric valve controlled by the software running in to the panel pc;
  • built in superheater of 400 W for steam, automatically activated when steam use is requested with PT100 sensor for temperature control;
  • aluminum block with 8 test place positions with high speed heating elements (4 heaters), with a total power of 2300 W and PT100 sensor for bath temperature control;
  • short time needed to heat from ambient up to 240°c, only approx 8 minutes;
  • once the test temperature is reached only 2 heaters of 700 W are used to keep the bath stable by the integrated pid control granted by the software;
  • this feature reduce at the minimum the waiting time to operate;
  • automatic stand by mode: after the complete test the software will stop the heating control placing on stand by mode, this feature grant 2 strong point:
    • the operator is not in charge to switch off the heat at the end of test (safety increased on your lab);
    • save energy reducing the power consumption (save money for your further investments).

The unit is also equipped with:

  • large visible analog flow meter with metal protection sheet for the correct reading of the air flow;
  • integrated sensor for steam pressure;
  • built in 8″ touch screen panel pc high visibility, that includes lintech software application for ASTM D381 / IP 131 / DIN 51784;
  • standard program for air and steam and customized program;
  • diagnostic menu;
  • calibration menu;
  • 2 x USB port placed on the front in order to export data and software update;
  • flow apparatus (art. LT/FA-246000/TSA210), not included.

Power Supply:

  • 230 VAC – 50/60 HZ
  • 115 VAC – 60 HZ


  • LT/B-2470/BCA200: analytical balance
  • LT/DO-248000/N/50: natural ventilation oven
  • LAB-102-421: Pyrex® beaker
  • LT/FA-246000/TSA210: flow apparatus
  • LAB-102-423: steam generator
  • T-AS3C: thermometer ASTM 3C IP 73C

Spare Parts

  • LAB-102-421: Pyrex® beaker
  • LAB-140-001/A: PT100 probe
  • LAB-160-014: digital thermoregulator
  • LAB-150-015/40: static relay
  • LAB-560-005-06: PT100 bath sensor
  • LAB-560-005-06C: PT100 supeheater sensor
  • LAB-560-005-03: heater cartrdige, 350 W
  • LAB-560-005-05: heater collar, 420 W
  • LAB-560-005-07: heater cartridge, 800 W