Small Sample Viscosity Reference Materials


These standards are certified in accordance with ASTM D2162 at 40ºC and 100ºC under our ISO 17025 and ISO Guide 34 accreditation and have been manufactured specifically for the users of ASTM D7279, Standard Test Method for Kinematic Viscosity of Transparent and Opaque Liquids by Automated Houillon Viscometer and other similar type test equipment.

These viscosity standards will complement Paragon Scientific’s current range and will give the customer greater choice and flexibility where smaller sample volume standards are required.


Part Number Test Method Kinematic (cSt) 40°C Kinematic (cSt) 100°C Package size
HVS01 ASTM D2162 2.905 1.183 60mL
HVS02 ASTM D2162 5.742 1.844 60mL
HVS03 ASTM D2162 10.03 2.624 60mL
HVS04 ASTM D2162 32.09 5.525 60mL
HVS05 ASTM D2162 54.22 7.769 60mL
HVS06 ASTM D2162 100.7 11.88 60mL
HVS07 ASTM D2162 180.2 17.88 60mL
HVS08 ASTM D2162 313.7 26.34 60mL
HVS09 ASTM D2162 519.4 37.39 60mL
HVS10 ASTM D2162 994 59.49 60mL
HVS11 ASTM D2162 1699 86.83 60mL
HVS12 ASTM D2162 1849 93.5 60mL
HVS13 ASTM D2162 3351 121.8 60mL
HVS14 ASTM D2162 6684 247.8 60mL
HVS15 ASTM D2162 13072 410.3 60mL
HVS16 ASTM D2162 23037 658.2 60mL