Silicone Rotational Viscosity Standards


Untitled-109Paragon ISO 17025 / ISO Guide 34 certified silicone rotational viscosity standards are specifically formulated for use with equipment with minimal temperature control. Supplied in 600mL ‘ready to use’ packs specially designed to eliminate cleaning of laboratory glassware, which is inherently difficult due to the nature of silicone. These range of standards provide both calibration and verification options for rotational viscometer test equipment.

• Certified according to ISO 17025 / ISO Guide 34 under UKAS accreditation
• 600mL of product supplied in a ready to use ‘test in pack’ container
• Tested and certified at 20°C and 25°C
• 1-year shelf life
• Ensures full compliance to international test method protocol
• Full traceability to National Standards
• Tamper evident security packaging
• Custom blending available

Part Number Type mPa.s (cP) 20°C mPa.s (cP) 25°C Package size
DCP-VIS-RT5-600 RT5 5.479 5.013 600mL
DCP-VIS-RT10-600 RT10 11.03 10.04 600mL
DCP-VIS-RT50-600 RT50 55.61 50.49 600mL
DCP-VIS-RT100-600 RT100 111.7 100.7 600mL
DCP-VIS-RT250-600 RT250 277.4 251.5 600mL
DCP-VIS-RT350-600 RT350 395 357 600mL
DCP-VIS-RT500-600 RT500 555.2 502.6 600mL
DCP-VIS-RT1K-600 RT1000 1107 1002 600mL
DCP-VIS-RT5K-600 RT5000 5523 4984 600mL
DCP-VIS-RT10K-600 RT10000 11142 10040 600mL
DCP-VIS-RT12K-600 RT12000 13718 12371 600mL
DCP-VIS-RT30K-600 RT30000 33116 30022 600mL
DCP-VIS-RT60K-600 RT60000 67075 60445 600mL
DCP-VIS-RT100K-600 RT100000 109900 99097 600mL