Comparator 3000

Untitled-92A Flexible, Modular System for Visual Color Grading
We are proud to announce that the Lovibond® Tintometer® Comparator 3000 and Petroleum Oil Comparator (AF650) have now been replaced by one brand new design designated the Comparator 3000/Petroleum AF650.

Our new units are a series of single scale, 3-field instruments for visually determining the color of samples by direct comparison with colored glass filters. With a 3-section field of view, the sample and two consecutive glasses on the color scale are viewed simultaneously, making it easier to achieve the optimum color match. For rapid color grading within predetermined color limits, the glasses can be set to the two limiting colors, making it easy to see if the sample is within tolerance.



Part No. Description Application
DCP-433205 EBC Comparator Beers, Malts & Caramels, EBC (European Brewing Convention)
DCP-433340 Gardner Comparator Gardner Color
DCP-340030 FAC Comparator Edible Oils & Fats, Petroleum Oils & Waxes, FAC Color (AOCS Cc13a-43)
DCP-340150 Petroleum Oils Comparator Petroleum Oils & Waxes, ASTM Color (ASTM D 1500, ASTM D 6045, ISO 2049, IP196)
DCP-433250 Rosin Comparator Coatings, Rosin – US Naval Stores (ASTM D 509), Rosin – French (Bordeaux) Color