For dairies

Lactometers are used to supervise and control production in dairies, the cheese industry, milk processing plants, and laboratories. They determine the density of milk, skim milk, buttermilk, condensed milk and other liquids of the dairy industry.

The different shapes of the instruments and their ranges are adapted to their use. Hydrometers for dairies in versions with or without integrated thermometers available. Because of the opaqueness of milk these instruments are always to be read at the top, and the scale is at the top of the stem. The instrument has a thermometer in body. We offer our lactometers with eco-friendly, mercury-free filling.

We gladly supply a works-calibration certificate or a traceable DAkkS calibration-certificate upon request.


  Measuring range 1,014 to 1,240 g/cm³
  Types DIN 10290
DIN 10293
BS 734
Acc. to Quevenne
Acc. to Gerber
  Resolution Up to 0,0002 g/cm³
  Accuracy ±0,0002 g/cm³
  Reference temperature +15 °C / +20 °C
  Variants With integrated thermometer
Without integrated thermometer
  Thermometer filling Organic
  Accessories Cylindrical stands made of glass