Laboratory thermometers

Our laboratory thermometers will be applicable in all sectors of technology and science, in which especially precise temperature measurements be in progress. Common norms specifications like DIN and ISO are complied with, of course. Our precision thermometer sets offer manifold applications for precise measurements in laboratories.

The stem types have the graduation indestructibly diffused into the glass surface and are acid- and alkali-resistant. The enclosed-scale versions each have a prismatic capillary that allowed a better reading. The enclosed type is implemented with a prismatic capillary that enables improved reading.

We gladly supply a works calibration certificate or a traceable DAkkS calibration certificate upon request and as well our high-grade transparent safety coating (FEP/PTFE).


  Measuring range -200 °C to +410 °C
* over +250 °C only available in non-EU regions
  Filling Organic (red/blue)
  Forms Enclosed scale
  Norms DIN, ISO
  Variants High-precision standard thermometer sets
Precision thermometer sets acc. to Anschütz
Precision thermometer sets acc. to Kahlbaum
Precision thermometer sets acc. to Landsberger
Universal precision thermometer sets
Laboratory straight stem thermometers
Faden thermometers
Adjusting thermometers acc. to Beckmann
Ice point and boiling point thermometers
Calorimeter thermometers
Ground joint thermometers
Low-temperature thermometers
High-precision standard thermometers
  Resolution Up to 0,01 °C
  Accessories Metal protection cases
Instrument cases
Magnifying glasses
Metal ferrules