Single-side Rotary Welding Head Automatic Numerical Control Spot Welding Machine

Model Number : TMAX-ZW-D200R
Type : Automatic
Input Power : 2000W
Dimension(L*W*H) : 900L×900W×1600Hmm
Net Weight : 250KG
Compliance : CE Certified
Warranty : Two years limited warranty with lifetime technical support
Payment : L/C D/A D/P T/T Western Union
Delivery Time : 5day

This equipment is mainly used for welding batteries and nickel-plated steel strips or nickel strips in cylindrical/polymer battery assembly, and ensures that the welding tension between batteries and nickel-plated steel strips or nickel strips is greater than 30N. The spot welding range of the equipment can meet the welding requirements of 18650 batteries with 20 series battery packs and less than 20 series battery packs. The number of welding batteries is determined by the stroke, which can be set by man-machine.

1. Support breakpoint start, automatic start and manual start mode conversion.
2. Alarm function of false welding and desoldering.
3. The programming is simple, and supports any point programming and array programming. It can store 99 groups of programming files.
4. Warning of solder pin replacement forecast.
5. With welding current monitoring system, it can monitor welding current in real time

Specification :

Rotary Welding Head